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Mount Towrong Vineyard is a family owned and operated winery located in the Macedon Ranges on Wurundjeri country. Here they craft high-quality wine in harmony with nature. The winery prides itself on its natural approach to winemaking, and in order to better reflect this philosophy, we helped them with a brand refresh.

The importance and gratitude they have for the land they operate on is central to everything they do, and their connection to the beautiful Macedon Ranges is deeply ingrained in their identity. They work tirelessly to produce the highest quality fruit, all while staying true to their commitment to work in harmony with nature.

Mount Towrong Vineyard

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Here’s the story
Mount Towrong Vineyard have developed a dedicated community of customers that regularly travel to their cellar door in the picturesque Macedon Ranges, an hours drive from Melbourne. Over the years their down to earth hospitality and quality wine has earnt them a place as the must visit vineyards in the area.

We had to convey to our audience that Mount Towrong is a quality wine, that’s natural and local to the area whilst being representative of their low intervention wine making.

What we discovered
With a deep connection and respect for the land they live and work on makes them the most natural/low intervention winery and cellar door in the region. This is a differentiator that people did not know.

The problem
The previous branding was inconsistent with their wine making philosophy, it didn’t refelct their natural, earthy and inclusive spirit.

Mount Towrong Vineyard

The mission

Once we established the identity and values of Mount Towrong Vineyard, as well as their target audience, our focus shifted to crafting their creative strategy. It was crucial to position them as passionate enthusiasts of both wine and food, emphasising their profound attachment to the local surroundings. As everything they do revolved around the land, we distilled this sentiment into the brand concept of "natural expression," encapsulating the very essence of Mount Towrong. This brand idea served as the guiding principle for all their endeavours, showcasing their unwavering commitment to showcasing the authentic beauty of their products and the land they call home.

The packaging

Positioned between two hills, the label of Mount Towrong Vineyard embodies its precise geographical location. The logo beautifully nestles between silhouettes of these hills, with a meandering creek gracefully flowing through the middle. A versatile color palette is utilized to vividly convey the essence of their wines, capturing the spectrum of their vibrant, earthy, mellow, and smooth qualities. This thoughtful approach to color selection enables the label to authentically reflect the diverse and nuanced nature of Mount Towrong.

The logo

The logo of Mount Towrong Vineyard symbolises their deep connection to the Macedon Ranges and their gratitude to the nurturing earth that enables them to do what they love. It pays homage to the magnificent Wurundjeri country they inhabit, incorporating key local landmarks like Geboor (Mount Macedon), Mount Towrong, and Willimigongon Creek. Meanwhile, the typography of the words "Mount Towrong Vineyard" merges both serif and sans-serif fonts, representing the eclectic interiors and diverse collections of curios found throughout the cellar door and vineyard. This fusion of fonts serves as a visual representation of the captivating blend of styles and objects that contribute to the unique ambiance and character of Mount Towrong.

End result

Mount Towrong have been the stand out vineyard in the Macedon Ranges for some time and their new identity lives up to that heritage. Every touch point has been carefully considered to illustrate their connection and respect for the land they live and work on and the relationship their audience has with it. Overall the audience now has an authentic experience of what Mount Towrong offers whether it’s enjoying a meal at their cellar door or buying wine from their website.

Mount Towrong Vineyard