Broken Bean

Small batch. Big hit.

Brand Identity, Packaging and Communications

Broken Bean Coffee Spirits found themselves with a unique opportunity to sell a ready-to-drink espresso martini product into sport and entertainment stadiums. They decided to innovate and created a mid strength Espresso Martini. At 6% ABV it was one standard drink per serve, making it the only mid strength sessional espresso martini in the category.

The new product had been developed with stability in mind, it didn’t need to be refrigerated like other espresso martini RTDs. The recipe had been formulated without preservatives to help extend the shelf life of the product, making it an attractive option for stadium buyers concerned with refrigeration and stock rotation.

Broken Bean

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With an existing Broken Bean Coffee Liqueur and espresso martini in the market, how might we communicate that this new product is a sessionable mid strength version?

It’s no surprise the no/lo section is one of the fastest growing in the category, our name needed to tap into the mindset of the conscious drinker. We created the name “Smart Sipper” to convey not only is it the smartest choice, but one that’s sessionable over time so you stay fresh.

Right from the outset we knew we needed to make something that was a lighter version of Broken Bean’s standard espresso martini. But, it needed to not lose any of its creaminess and quality in the process.

The variety needed to be prominent and we played around with the hierarchy to achieve the best balance between it and the brand mark.

Broken Bean
Broken Bean