Humble Cheese

The cheeses that pleases.

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The cheese space is quite bland and traditional, variations of the same thing using classic design cues and language - it’s quite outdated. Gippsland Cheese wanted to stir up the cheese fridge for a Millennial market bored with the usual selection that was out there. We created an impactful, tongue-in-cheek brand identity for Gippsland Cheese’s Humble Cheese range.

Gippsland Cheese

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Here’s the story
Humble Cheese is a straight-up, no-messing-around, get-to-the-point cheese. It’s not up itself, never hoity-toity, or la-di-da, it’s just damn good cheese that tastes great and is super useful to have on hand. Humble cheese is for an entertaining market that wants a no-nonsense cheese that pleases and is good value for money.

What we discovered
Millennials are a generation that’s conscious of rising costs and live within their means. Trying to get by spending as little as possible has become the norm. They value time and experiences shared with friends and interact with openness and honesty.

The problem
Gippsland Cheese come to us in need of a name, brand and verbal identity that would help them stand out in a cluttered cheese fridge and demonstrate that Humble was a down-to-earth, good-value brand that appealed to cheese lovers.

The mission
With a down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to the brand, it needed a name to match - something honest and different to the provenance, farm, cow and hand-crafted cliches of its competitors. Humble was chosen as a name because it’s a cheese that deserves to be lauded but is quietly confident in its appeal, which makes it even more appealing.

The identity needed to stand out in a packed fridge of similar offerings. We wanted to inject fun and boldness into it to avoid being traditional or looking posh. The exclamation mark says “look at me” despite saying “Humble", helping to create interest. The typography is informal and approachable just like any great party.

The tone of voice
We needed an ironic tone of voice - talking it up despite it being humble. We worked with copywriter Dan Forrestal to create a down-to-earth yet boastful tone of voice that we rolled out across packaging, print and social media. We art directed Humble's photography to be a celebration of the real joy and laughter friends share when getting together.

End result
A brand that's full of character, personality and fun. Bright, bold and playful – just like the people who use it.

Humble Cheese
Humble Cheese